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Providing Event, Festival & Concert Sound, Lighting, Power Distribution.

Club Sound and Lighting System Leases.

Serving South Dakota, Arizona, Nevada, So. California!

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Shure ULXP Wireless Mic packages with Beta58, or Beta87 handhelds or Lav mics.

    Single mic system, dual mic systems, 4-pack wireless, 8 pack wireless.

Yamaha EMX-512SC 500w X 2 powered mixer. Available with JBL MR-925 or E-V SX200 speakers and stands.


    Horizon XLR+Speaker Snakes are available with our powered mixers.

Yamaha PM-5D Digital Console.

Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Console, 2 in our inventory.

We have an amp rack all set up with a QSC PL3.4 and PL4.0 amplifiers with a BSS FDS-366 speaker processor, for stereo JBL SR-4732/SR4719A mains, plus a LabGruppen C16:4 amp for 4 monitor mixes that is perfect for most club gigs or small-medium outdoor events.

Allen & Heath GL-3300 32 Chan Console, EQ/FX/Insert Rack can be set up for up to 8 Mon Mixes plus Side Fills. Choice of Mains, Monitors, Power Amps.

Snakes: 12x2+2Speaker-100Ft, 16x8-100Ft, 24x8-150Ft/300Ft

40 x 150Ft with 40 x 50ft Monitor Split.

Drive Snakes: 8x1 x 150Ft, 12 x 100Ft/225Ft.

E-V/JBL:    6 or 12 DML-1152A with 4 JBL SR4719A subs, BSS FDS-366 and QSC Powerlight PL3.4, PL4.0 & PL6.0PFC amps.

JBL:        4 SR-4732A + 4 SR-4719A with BSS FDS-366T, QSC Powerlight Rack

                8 SR-4732 + 8 SR-4719A with BSS FDS-366T, QSC Powerlight Rack