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Providing Event, Festival & Concert Sound, Lighting, Power Distribution.

Club Sound and Lighting System Leases.

Serving South Dakota, Arizona, Nevada, So. California!

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For a step up from the standard lighting we have Martin Mac250 moving lights. Great for floor based lighting effects or truss mounted.

We also have High End Systems Trackspots. The Trackspot is the workhorse of the club and small/medium venue in a moving light. If you just want to have the light do the work it has built-in programs that can use the Internal Microphone to follow the beat of the music.

If you like smoke we have a few Lightwave Research F-100 foggers. We have both manual and DMX control F-100's.

ETC/Sensor 24 Channel x 2.4k Dimmer Rack


Soco, Par-Bars, Par64's on Tripods, or Floor-base.

We also have NSI MC7024, MC7008, and NCM708, Lighting Controllers as well as DDS6000, DDS5600 and ND4600 dimmers.

12x12 Box truss is available for rigging or with floor bases as uprights.