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Allen & Heath GL-3300-32/MB Really nice mid size FOH or Monitor Console. Really nice sounding pre-amp and channel EQ. 8 Sub-Groups, 8 Auxes, switchable Pre or Post, 32 Channels of which 4 are Stereo full channel strips, plus 2 stereo inputs. Available with or without the FOH EQ/FX/Inserts rack to the right of the console with a custom patch snake and insert cables. Plug in your snake/drive and your ready to go!

Allen & Heath WZ16:2 Mix-Wizard all in one complete rack mounted system with Yamaha 31 Band EQ's, 3 dbx 166XL comp/gates, U.S. Audio Gatex 4 channel noise gate, Yamaha SPX90-II reverb, ADA 1.28i analogue delay which sounds very good. Plug in your snake from the stage and your ready to go. Includes custom patch snake and insert cables.


This DDA mixer is for sale, contact us if you are interested, everything is in 100 percent working order. $1000.00 for a great vintage David Deardon designed console!

DDA S-Series 24x4x2

This is an older mixer that sounds amazing,  DDA "S-Series" console. DDA made extremely good sounding consoles and have many features that set them a step above other boards in this size class. If the DDA name doesn't sound familiar this is the same group of people that now made Midas famous consoles.

Each input channel has a gain control, a Pad switch, a Phase switch, Mic/Line select switch, High-Pass Filter switch, 48v Phantom Power switch, as well as inserts for patching in a compressor or noise gate.

Each channel has 4 band EQ with dual sweep mids, and EQ In-Out switch. A great sounding EQ by the way!

Each channel has 8 Aux sends, 4 are set as Post-Fader sends for Effects, 4 are "Foldback" or Pre-Fader Monitor sends, or can be switched Post-Fader as additional effects sends. "Foldback" is the English/U.K. term for a monitor send.

Each Aux Master has 3 band EQ with sweep mid, the 4 "Foldback" outputs have Insert Points so if you cue up the AFL for that send you can hear the post 31 band graphic mix going to that band member. Very few consoles have this feature except for the large touring class consoles.

The "S-Series" has 4 sub-groups, these also have insert points. The sub-group strips also have Aux Return line inputs on them with 3 band EQ with sweep mid, and controls to send the return to all 4 "Foldback"/Monitor mixes so you can send your reverb returns to the monitor for the singer for example without having to use an input channel.

This console has ALPS 100mm Faders for all input channels, the sub-groups, and the Master. How nice is this feature? The faders are $100 each, so on a 24x4x2 console there are $3000 worth of faders. Yeah, most "normal" 24 channel consoles cost less than $3000 for the whole console. The rest of the DDA design and quality is 2nd to none as well, and it is a difference you can hear.